Family Portraits, everybody needs them!

If you're anything like myself, you're always saying "oh my gosh, it's time for some new family photos!" Year after year, I plan out this nice family shoot (in my head) and at the end of every year, I'm still thinking about this shoot. Just to give you an idea of how long I've been planning...our last set of family portraits were taken when our son was 3 months old. He's now 5! As a photographer, I'm ashamed, but I'm sure you get it. We're always putting it on the back burner. No more!! I wanna share with you how easy it is to actually plan and follow through with your next family shoot!

#1 Let your family know!

Let whatever family members you're planning family portraits. Most of the times it'd just be immediate family. In some cases, multiple immediate families get together for a larger shoot. This could be siblings getting together with their own families, and including mom and dad. Just be sure to let everyone know.

#2 Set a date!

Once you've determined who all will be included, determine a date (preferably one within 1-2 months). Choosing a date in the future allows everyone to make arrangements to be available. This will also allow enough time for the person planning to actually plan.

#3 Contact your photographer.

Now that you all have a date in mind, you know what date to inquire with your photographer about. Because this has already been discussed amongst your family members, choosing a date with the photographer won't be so hard. This will eliminate going back and forth between your family members and the photographer, trying to figure out who is available on what dates.


This is always the fun part. As a photographer, I always ask my clients what they are planning to wear. Knowing what they are planning to wear allows me to determine what location we should shoot at. Choosing colors that coordinate with one another is always best. You'd also want to consider where you're planning on sharing your photos. If you thinking about prints, large prints especially I'd go with something that matches my decor, or something timeless. Pinterest is very inspiring when it comes to wardrobe. If all else fails, google or search for a local stylist on IG.

#5 Have fun!

On the day of the shoot, remember that you all are coming together to capture memories, celebrate milestones and enjoy each other. Who knows how long these family portraits will be around. Give the generations behind you something to smile and be proud about.

Family portraits always make for a great conversation piece. There is nothing better than looking back at photos from way back reminds us how much things have changed, yet how much things stay the same.

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