Family fall feels! The energy felt from this beautiful couple screams lifetime.

Initially Ernest reached out to me (in all of my years of shooting, this is the second time the guy set up an appointment; 2 times in one year) and said that he’s planning to propose to Ronda. Talk about exciting! Yes, let’s do it. We’d discussed plans, dates, etc. During this time, I shared with him how I knew my husband was going to propose before he did. The same subtle excitement my husband gave me, without telling me anything, was the same energy I sensed from Ernest. He was so excited about proposing, I knew he’d break his silence to his fiancé before our planned date had arrived.

As I would’ve imagined, I received a text...”I did it, I proposed!” I knew it would happen sooner than we’d planned and I was so excited! You ever met a couple and knew they were meant to be? This is them. Of course, we changed our proposal shoot plans. Engagement it is. YES!

Considering the two of them have teenage boys, it was a must that they were included. I love the fact that Ernest made it clear that although this is an engagement shoot that their boys were to be included. That made this engagement family session that much better. As heard before, boys will be boys, so the small talk in between shots was very much entertaining. As entertaining as it was, I loved that you could feel the connection between this newly blended family. The connection between them screams lifetime!

Congratulations Ernest & Ronda!

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