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Hi & welcome to Janee' Ford Photography, LLC, located in Warner Robins, GA.

At this time, photography services are limited because of Covid-19. Indoor portrait + lifestyle sessions ARE NOT OFFERED. Outdoor sessions are available.

Janee' Ford Photography offers LIFESTLYE + PORTARIT SERVICES to couples, graduates, those celebrating birthdays, social media influencers, entrepreneurs and other creatives.




Working with Janee' was a GREAT experience. Very professional, organized, and fun to work with. Her excitement for my photoshoot made me more relaxed, comfortable, and excited then I already was. I highly recommend her for any photography needs, and will be using her again in the future.

-Benita S.


She goes above and beyond!!! She makes your ideas come to life!! Love her.

-Tiara G.


This girl is #Wonderful!! She’s very professional and has a lot of patience. From beginning to end she did an amazing job! I can tell she has a passion for what she do, and her love for the camera is O so #Real!! This was a great experience and I’m so glad we chose you!! I can’t thank you enough for capturing special moments of our sweet girl!!! Thank you once again love!!!
-Mornisha W.


Janee' brings life to your photos.

-Marti S.


let's plan your
lifestyle + portrait

Middle Georgia





Meet Janee' Ford

I know it'd be very cliche of me to say that I've had a camera since forever, right? Well, it's not that far off. I remember my first point and shoot, it was hot pink! The only thing that I was interested in taking photos of back then was ME. Could you imagine? Nowdays I'm not so quick to be in front of a camera, who would have known? Throughout college, I kept a camera. I documented almost everything. Once college was over and real life started, I stepped away a little.

In 2013, while visiting my father, who is a photographer, I was able to watch his process from start to finish for the first time ever. I watched him clean and pack his gear, he ran through with me what his plan was, he shot his clients, edited their images and delivered them. While that might seem mediocre to some, I was intrigued. For someone who'd always had a camera near by, I would have never imagined, the actual magic that could be created with one. Before the weekend was over, I told my dad that perhaps photography is something that I'm really interested in. Being the "spoiled" child I am, I just knew he was gonna say, "sure I'll go ahead and by your NEW professional camera so that you can practice before you put yourself out there." NOPE! He told me that I would continue to use my point and shoot until I knew how to control it manually, explaining to me that I could use what I already had to create the same images I'd watched him create. So for the next few months, I did just that.

December 2013, he gifted me my first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel T3i. Compared to the point and shoot that I'd been using, I took one "look around" at the Canon and was like...yea...no...not ready. After probably hundreds if not thousands of YouTube videos and FaceTime calls with my father, I eventually got the hang of it. In August 2015 I scheduled my first client, and I've been shooting almost every Saturday since then.


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